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The information contained on these pages is intended to serve as general information. Any changes can be made at any time without notice. These terms and conditions outlined below must be read carefully as they contain vital information regarding your interactions with the company.

Product is available:

GuleNoor cannot guarantee that the product will be in stock and can modify or discontinue providing any or all products in addition to the right to cancel orders due to the inability to supply or for any other reason without any liability and without prior notification.

Typographical Error:

GuleNoor strives to make sure that we are 100% accurate with every detail. We reserve the right to reject or cancel orders for products that are listed at an improper price in the event the product is listed with an incorrect price, or with inaccurate information due to a mistakes in typography, errors in pricing or in the product's information.

The payment of duties:

The listed price for items being delivered to locations do not contain local taxes. All municipal taxes, including administration charges is your responsibility to pay on receipt.

Conditions of Use for Site:

GuleNoor retains the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time it feels it is appropriate, and without prior warning. This is the reason we recommend you to read carefully the terms of these conditions prior to accessing this site.

The use you make on www.GuleNoor.com (hereafter known as"the "Site") as well as the associated services, websites, or tools are in accordance with the terms and CONDITIONS. The "GuleNoor" trademark and Trademarks that go with it are Excelsior Enterprise's (hence called"the "Company") sole intellectual property.

This relationship, between you and Company and the Company, including the purchase and supply of any Product and any data that the Company gathers through your access to the Site, is controlled by these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which become effective after your acceptance. To the extent you use the Site the TERMS AND CONDITIONS will prevail to any other agreement in case of conflict. You are not allowed to utilize any part of the Site in any manner in the event that you do not agree to be bound by these TERMS and CONDITIONS, as well as the Privacy Policy. By using the Site you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

In its sole discretion, the Company may at any point alter these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and/or privacy policy. The Site along with the Company is bound by an unenforceable agreement through these terms and conditions that are updated or amended at any time. You are bound by these Terms and Conditions by using, accessing the Site, or purchasing from the Site.

The Site requires your consent to send you administrative and promotional emails to allow you to purchase. Along with information about items we offer and other special deals and special offers, we'll provide you with details about your account's activities and your purchases. If you select your UNSUBSCRIBE alternative at end of any emails, you are able to decide to not receive our promotional emails at any time. For more information, go to our Privacy Policy. Concerning the validity of any promotional emails or SMS/MMS messages sent directly to your mobile, the Company not be held responsible in any manner. The Company has the power, at its sole discretion, to alter the contents of marketing emails or SMS/MMS and is not under any obligation to inform you of any changes. When you place an order you make an offer to purchase the items you've selected subject to the applicable site rules, retailer-specific rules, as well as these terms and conditions outlined above.

The Website/Company does not assume any responsibility for the services or products that are provided by third-party vendors such as courier services and also for any goods or services supplied, sold or delivered by them. The Company does not provide any guarantees to its customers about the quality security, quality or the risk of physical harm or any other element of a service or product which is offered by a third-party vendor courier or merchant such as delivery delays.

Normal business operations could be disrupted in the event of an act of God that are connected to situations beyond the control of humans. In the best interests of the company and the other stakeholders, the management will have the final say in all policies.