About Us

Gulenoor, initiated by Naila Shahzada and Annie Shahzada, is an ode to all the strong, discerning women who likes to walk in elegance and charm, without bending their own cultural values.
Gulenoor’s design philosophy is rooted in the concept that an appreciation of nature’s beauty itself is the enrichment of life. This beauty when designed in clothes, not only elevates the confidence and charm of our GN Woman but also shows the world that you don’t have to bend your own values or culture norms to look exquisite and elegant.

We channel this through an exploration of cultures, motifs, traditions, textiles, and techniques. Our collections are based on the concept of “Jhorokas” or “Windows” through which we sift deeply into our rich cultural heritage to find the GN Woman, whose head is held high and has universe in her heart. This woman can easily be seen in Marvi of Umer Marvi, or Queen Zubaida of Iraq, who were the epitome of resilience, poise and appreciated the essence of real beauty. This depth of study reflects in our diverse range of hand-embroidered ensembles, spanning Bridal, Formal, Mehendi Mayun, and Dholki, as well as the artisanal collection, AmalNoor.

It is our commitment to celebrate culture and revive traditional crafts through each article. Gulenoor is not just about fashion but also about storytelling—creating pieces that hold narratives and cultural significance. We are dedicated to crafting meticulously detailed pieces that are timeless, heirloom pieces that will be cherished for generations.